Directions: Answer the questions below in well developed paragraphs. Make sure to use textual evidence in your responses and to provide analysis/ commentary. 

Assignment must meet MLA standards (indentation, font style, font size, as well as citations/Works Cited)
Well-developed paragraphs contain at least 7-10college level sentences. Answering in less often leads to lack of analysis and well developed thought.
Use evidence from the text as support. 

Final Questions

Discuss the following external conflicts of Nora? Nora versus society.

 2. Discuss the internal conflicts that Nora is dealing with throughout the play.
 3. Compare/contrast Nora and Kristine.  Use specific examples from the text.
 4. Does Torvald have any redeeming qualities? 
 5. What is the significance of the title, “A Doll’s House”? think about playing with dolls and doll houses….