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1) In the beginning of his speech, what is his definition of being Mestizo? 
2) Ever since he was a kid, what multicultural way of life was he used to? Give one daily example he uses from his upbringing.
3) What cooking example did Salvador use for his example of being a blend of two different cultures?
4) When Salvador says: “Being Mestizo is not the combination of several cultures, but…,” what is the rest of his point?
5) After what major life accomplishment did he move to the United States? Did he encounter any daily challenges?
6) What city did Salvador end up living in, and what type of multicultural experiences did he embrace?
7) What kind of advantages does being multicultural have?
8) During his segment of “empathize with others,” what advice does he give the audience when meeting a stranger who you share seemingly nothing with?
9) What advantage does the world’s current globalization status have when trying to form interpersonal connection?
10) This video was interesting due to a variety of themes. Sharing a multicultural identity that ends up being a strength versus seen as a weakness, allowing an individual to have a foot in “both camps.” Please give an example of any situation in YOUR life that you have experienced such a feeling where carrying multi-identities (ethnicity, culture, language, political leanings, job status, hobbies, etc) has been beneficial to you or made your self-identity stronger. What is your “mestizo” and “bicultural” aspect that strengthens you, helps you form new relationships, and allows you to be mailable in different situations?