use Vincent van Gogh sunflower 1888
(20 points – NO less than1,000 words) – 1” margins, typed single-spaced (for digitized submission and double-spaced for printed version), standard font (Time, 12), proofread, professionally presented,
I.B. (5 pts.): 1) Title of the artwork, 2) Name of the Artist, 3) Year of the artwork, 4) where, and 5) whenyou found/saw it during this semester. (*put resource information such as the name of book, URL website information.)

I.C. (5 pts.): Research and describe the historical background and the artistic value of the artwork. (*Put the resource info and restate the info in your own words. If you would like to use some few words directly, don’t forget to quote it.)

I.D. (5 pts.): Describe what it looks like and what YOU think of the art based on the study (e.g. the elements of arts, the materials of art, etc.)