This week you have been exploring ways in which to create learning environments that reflect the diversity of the children and families with whom you work, expand and deepen understanding and respect for diversity, and promote strong family-teacher relationships. For this blog assignment, you will have the opportunity to bring these ideas to life by conceptualizing what this might look like in an authentic early childhood setting.
Imagine that you want to open your own Family Child Care Home. Reflect on what your setting would look like, what elements you think you might want to include and for what reasons, and the various ways that you will strive to ensure that every child and family feels welcome and respected.
To help you get started, review the “visual and material environment” section which begins on page 43 of Chapter 4 in the course text. Pay particular attention to the “Anti-Bias Education in a Family Child Care Home” segment at the end of the chapter. Also, consider ideas you might utilize from the tour of Adriana’s care home featured in the media segment. In your blog, you will need to specifically explain what aspects you found in the readings and the media segment that inspired you to create “your” environment the way you envision it.
By Day 6
Post a detailed description of your setting including the rationale for your choices.