Final Project
1. Describe one athlete by sport, position, age, gender, and athletic experience.
2. Briefly describe the physical activities this athlete performs in a single game or match
A. How many minutes are they playing (Typical)
B. What are the break periods
C. How much is sprinting, jogging, jumping, standing, walking, etc.
3. Identify several key movements performed in order of performance
Examples: Two-legged jumping, 1 legged jumping, attacking, swinging, kicking.
A. What are the key muscle requirements of these movements 
B. What are the strength qualities of these movements
C. What are the energy systems of these movements and the movements combined
4. Identify and Justify fitness exercises that will enhance key movement
A. Justification includes how these exercises enhance the key movements. Does the exercise train the same muscles, does the exercise have similar movement qualities, are joint angles similar, is it the same energy system. 
B. How are these exercises performed? Fast, slow, high-repetition, low-repetition, high-intensity, low-intensity, short duration, long duration, and why. 
5. Identify the athlete’s yearly schedule for training and competition.
A. Separate the training into Phases and describe the training during these different phases
B. Justify the training in these phases scientifically 
C. Write out 1 week of training for each phase in order help describe and justify your training plan
Start by breaking down components into a chart like the example below. And then answer all questions in narrative form 500 to 1000 words. 
Figure 1 Tennis Player
Key Movements

Primary   Energy Systems

Key Strength   Qualities

Key Exercise   Selection

List of exercises
Change in   Direction
Torso   Rotation
Shoulder   rotation

Creatine/Phosphate   System
Glycolytic   System

Explosive   power

Explosive leg   work
Short   Sprinting
Torso   Rotation

Med ball   throws
Lateral   Sprints
Back Pedaling
Upper Body   Weights