Discussion: Reducing the Risk of Obesity
Have you read about the study that was reported earlier this year about genetics and predisposition for childhood obesity? Vanderbilt University stated that a molecular marker in saliva is associated with the emergence of childhood obesity in a group of preschool-aged Hispanic children. They tested children that were overweight and then followed them for years. Even with behavioral interventions, 30% of the children became obese and these were the children of women who had the particular molecular marker in their saliva. I think it is an interesting study suggesting that genetics are a significant factor in the development of childhood obesity.
MacMillan, L. (2020 Mar 5). Biomarker in saliva predicts childhood obesity risk:?study. Vanderbilt Medical University Reporter. https://news.vumc.org/2020/03/05/saliva-biomarker-childhood-obesity-risk/
Assignment: What do you think about this study & those that speak to genetics in this area of health?
Length: 250-275 words, APA format, use scholarly, peer-reviewed sources