question 1:
What types of information or data might be useful to receive from the accounts receivable master database when validating a customer return?  This is depicted by the arrow from “accounts receivable master data” to “2.1 validate return” in Figure 11.6.  Please provide explanations for your choices by discussing how the information or data would be used as part of the return validation.

question 2
Think of a time when you purchased a good or service (i.e. groceries, haircuts, auto repair, etc.).  Please answer the prompts below.
Briefly describe your purchase (generalities are ok if you don’t want to discuss specifics).  Thinking of your purchase, how did you determine what to order, when to order it, and how much to order?  Was the purchase due to a current specific need (pull-based supply) or due to a future anticipated need (push-based supply)?