For this reflection journal, choose an act that is considered deviant, either formal or informal.  Remember, in order for an action to be considered deviant, it is important not only to consider the norm that was broken, but also the group reactions to that norm violation.  Deviant behavior must be sufficiently serious or unusual to spark a negative sanction or punishment.  Number your responses and leave a space between entries. Minimium of 500 words
1. First, discuss why this act is considered deviant by society.  Is it formal or informal deviance?  Do different audiences have different reactions (for example, based on age, race, or gender)?
Next, analyze your chosen act from the three different perspectives.  Your goal is to explain and understand why the act you chose is deviant from these three different perspectives, using the specific theories within each perspective if applicable. 
2. Structural Functionalism
3. Conflict Theory
4. Symbolic Interaction