First step: Reading my proposal & progress check, read all the resources I found.

(I’ll send you the resources once we matched.)

Second step: Reading the prompt.

A. Your final paper should be an approximately 5-page, typed (11-12 font, double-spaced) and well-written paper, which is due at the end of the quarter. Bibliographies and appendices with additional supporting materials (e.g. interview questions, brochures, photographs, maps, drawings, etc.) are not considered part of the page requirement, but are suggested components of the paper. Papers will be evaluated on both content (how well you researched your topic and supported your argument) and style (how well you presented your topic and argument). Citations need to follow either APA, MLA or Chicago Manual of Style format. Remember that borrowed ideas as well as quotes or paraphrases need to include exact citations!

B. As a general guideline papers should include the following:

  1. Introduction
    1. what or who did you study?
    2. why are you interested in this issue or group?
    3. what are some main take-aways from your ethnography project that you will cover in your paper
  2. Fieldwork
    1. how did you collect your data, or if you are using secondary sources, how did the ethnographer collect the data?
    2. did you run into any issues?
    3. why is an ethnographic approach important to understanding this issue or group?
  3. Presentation of findings
    1. What did you learn? For Applied Fieldwork Projects, this should include a presentation of proposed solutions to your issue. For the Culture Sketch Projects this should include a “sketch” of the culture in addition to a specific element of the culture system that you analyze holistically.
  4. Proposed additional field research
    1. With more time and resources to do more fieldwork, what else would you have done or do you propose should be done?
  5. Conclusion
    1. Briefly wrap it all up.
    2. Include a statement or two about any personal meaning or impact this project had on you
  6. Bibliography (sources cited and consulted)
  7. Appendices (fieldnotes, interview questions, drawings, maps, photos, etc.)

Third step: Write the essay& ask me if you have any questions about the paper.