for this assignment you are to upload a formal letter addressed to your boss/manager discussing some aspect dealing with the Coronavirus that concerns you at this moment. If you are not currently employed, think of your dream company and address the letter to it (use Mr. Roary Rage as the name of your boss/manager).

Note: This is NOT just a friendly letter or a rant about something; it should have a focus and a purpose.
Your letter or email MUST contain:

A focus and a purpose. Use the following organizational structure:

What do you want them to know?
Why is it important for them to know this information?
What do you want them to do with this information?

Some data (facts, figures, surveys, etc.) and quotes (indirect/direct). Do not include graphs or images. Make sure you attribute your website information/quotes correctly (check AP Stylebook for specifics).
Follow these guidelines discussed in your text:

Don’t be Obsequious
Don’t be Overly Complimentary
Don’t Try to be Too Funny
Don’t refer to personal characteristics, habits, or feelings of the reader
Use personal pronouns
Avoid Impersonal constructions
Avoid the Passive Voice
Avoid Using Technical Language
Avoid Wordiness

Your letter should follow the correct format. Follow the example of a letter in your textbook, which can be found on section 11.6 Letters, Figure 11.2 Parts of a Letter.

It should contain complete contact information for the receiver.
A complete signature (name and title or affiliation) and contact information for you, the sender.
Be single-spaced, 12 pts. Time Roman and fit on ONE page!
Must follow grammar and AP Style.
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