1. For this discussion, please watch the documentary Mirage Men (Links to an external site.).
2. After viewing the film, please post your reaction in at least 450-500 words and reply to at least one other student’s post. Use the following to frame your response:
1. Who is Richard Doty, and what do you make of his claims in the film?
2. What evidence does the film provide for possible Air Force or CIA involvement in spreading disinformation about UFOs? What purpose do you think this was supposed to serve? 
3. In a conversation with filmmaker Mark Pilkington last year, he warned me that current alleged revelations about a previously secret Pentagon UFO program   (Links to an external site.)may be yet another counterintelligence operation, including likening new media “star” Luis Elizondo (Links to an external site.) as a Doty-like figure fooling “gullible journalists.” Do you see any connections between these two operations?