I am required to write two pages of persuasive essay about the following topics that were covered in ethnic studies class. These are the topics that were covered in the last 4 weeks: 
1- The Indian Question 
2- Blacks in the Urban North 
3- A shtetl in America 
4- Pacific crossing 
The PowerPoint for these topics are provided 

The main point of the exercise is two-fold: one, to demonstrate one’s understanding of the key points; two, to apply the lessons learned by integrating insights from personal experience or other venues. Please remember that these reflection papers should not be a summary of historical events, but they should be largely an analysis of an issue. A good persuasive essay offers the author’s perspective based on a body of reasonable evidence, well-constructed arguments and supporting statements, and personal style or creativity. Each reflection paper should be no more than 2-pages, double-spaced using 12-point font.