you must post a substantive response to any one (or more) of the open-answer questions provided below 
(1) What are abstract objects? Are there any? 
(2) What are the relative merits of nominalism, fictionalism, and Platonism about abstract objects? 
(3) What’s the best account of properties: universals or tropes? 
(4) Can the B-series capture everything there is about the nature of time? If not, what does it leave out? 
(5) What’s the counterfactual theory of causation, and how compelling is it? 
(6) What is the relationship between parts and the whole? 
(7) Could there be no composite objects? 
(8) What is the a priori /a posteriori distinction? 
(9) What is an indispensability argument? What problems do such arguments face? 
(10) What are the theoretical virtues, and how might we appeal to them to evaluate competing metaphysical theories?