NOTE: Make sure to fully read the instructions before starting

With this file you will find a handful of files ending in .txt containing the following data:

    A table containing applications, command line flags, start times, stop times, whether the application is enabled,
    and the days of the week the application runs. Days of the week are read as follows:
    1,4-7 = Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    *     = Every day of the week

    A date to consider and an unsorted list of application names

    Example output for apps1.txt

Create a Python 3 program that does the following:
    1.  Takes the path to a schedule file, the path to an app file, and the path to an output file as command line arguments
    2.  Writes a csv of the applications that would run on the date in the app file as well as their options,
        start times, and stop times

For example, executing the following should result in a file similar to example.txt:
    python3 schedule.txt apps1.txt example.txt

You can assume the apps files will never contain an application that is not present in the schedule file and that
neither input will contain malformed or invalid data