base on my story (attached file below)
Rewrite your story for clarity/structure/grammar/etc. Also make sure you address any issues we discussed in the storytelling lecture.
Make the stories more fun to read. If there is anything about a story that is boring or confusing, rewrite it. This may include unnecessary or missing scenes, too many characters, tedious or confusing parts, etc. Additionally, point out any issues of clarity (all the material covered in the clarity lectures). Point out any grammar issues you notice too, but don’t focus on them.
Do not change the main idea of the story.
The story is their story, not yours:
+ the story is definitely not about the interview process
+ the story probably doesn’t even involve you
Stories can take place over a lifetime, but cant be the same as describing the lifetime (think of history class)
Stories should let us understand the characters
+Give them a voice, don’t just describe what happened to them
Dont end the story with a moral lesson: it doesn’t feel like real things happing to real people.