Watch/read the following clip/article:…

Finally, please answer some or all of the following questions:

  1. What do you think about all the different ways in which children are conceived today?
  2. What would you do class if you were in either woman’s shoes or either husband’s shoes and either you found out you were carrying someone else’s baby or another woman was carrying your baby?
  3. What if this family decided they wanted to keep the baby and took legal action? What do you think the outcome would be? What would be the right thing to do in your opinion?
  4. What effect do you think this had on the woman who carried the child and the child itself?
  5. What effects would this situation have on the family system? How does it shake up the system? Do you think homeostasis would change?
  6. Should having a child be considered a right? Should people take medical steps to conceive children?

Should insurance companies cover infertility treatments? Have we gone too far in our quest to conceive?