should involve a single biblical passage that is between 1 to 5 verses in length from any book in the Torah/Old Testament involving the genres of poetry or prophecy 
Papers should be properly formatted with a title page containing student’s name, date, course name, and paper title (e.g. Paper One, Paper Two, etc.) The second page should begin one inch from the top with the introduction. NOTE: name, paper title, date, etc. should only appear on the title page, not subsequent pages. Text should be 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one inch margins all around. Paper lengths should be approximately two full pages. NOTE: the title page and bibliography do not count toward the total pages.
Grading Rubric:

Formatting/minimum page requirement – 4 points 
The inclusion of at least two scholarly references – 4 points
Writing the paper from a single biblical passage within the required genre – 4 points
Comparing/contrasting various interpretations of biblical texts (e.g. comparing Jewish, Christian, and or Muslim interpretations, or comparing one Jewish sect from another, or one Christian denomination from another, etc.) in the context of the historical development of customs and beliefs.  – 8 points
Concluding remarks along with student’s own thoughts. – 5 points