This assignment is designed to examine the differences between individualism ( focus on personal individual merit and benefits – see week 1 discussion) and civic responsibility.  In sociological terms individualism plays out at the micro level. Civic responsibility plays out at the macro (system wide) level. The macro level can apply to local, state, national and global societies.
The COVID-19 global pandemic provides an excellent case study of the dueling dynamics of individualism and civic responsibility to answer the question of which human tendency best serves the individual and his/her society.  In a 3-4 page double-spaced paper discuss the ways in which the pandemic …
1-2. affected …you as an individual and at a macro social level whether, local, state, national or global.
3. Provide examples of individualism dominating reaction to this global crisis.
4. Provide examples of civic responsibility in reaction to this global crisis.
Support your statements with empirically sound and authoritative evidence meeting the CUE criteria with in-text citations using APA formatting. 
Provide a list of a minimum of 4 references at the end of the paper using APA citation formatting.
Since this topic is very current, print media sources accessible on-line such as major newspapers ( The N.Y. Times , Washington Post etc.) are acceptable.  Electronic sources with a  political agenda. are not.This includes MSNBC or FOX.
Use the general organization: Introduction, Body,  Summary. Closely edit for mechanical and grammatical errors, run through spell check. 
Include your first name in the WORD document filename submitted.