THIS SEMESTER-LONG ASSIGNMENT HAS 5 PARTS: You will be analyzing THE SAME BROADCAST STATION throughout all parts of this assignment.

The purpose of this assignment is for you (a member of the public) to review a station’s performance to determine whether it is living up to its licensing requirement TO SERVE THE PUBLIC’s INTEREST, CONVENIENCE or NECESSITY (PICON). 


You will create/list of one day’s worth of programming (a program schedule grid/chart) for your broadcast station.
You must list ALL programs, the times they are scheduled, (24 hours of the day). Check online for existent programming grids or check your TV Guide.
You will write a brief (one sentence) description of each program.
You will identify the target audience for each program (who is the audience for this program?)
You will briefly evaluate (a few sentences) the positive or negative effects this program might have on culture (make sure to point out stereotypes that may be presented by the program.)
This can be done in any format you wish. Most people make a table.

For those of you who chose a RADIO STATION as your subject for the TASK 4 work, I’ve had a few ask how you should proceed with part 4 THE PROGRAMMING GRID. It is a little different, but not impossible. You can look online for the station’s programming schedule and use their (or your own interpretation) of who the target audience is, etc. Radio typically uses a programming clock to schedule their programming. So just use that to direct your 24 hour more macro look. You will notice that radio programming changes throughout the day and overnight. You can GOOGLE examples of what programming clocks look like.