Review the analysis of Federalist 10 and Brutus 1
Types of Democracy*Types of Democracy*Federalists v. Anti-Federalists*Federalists and Anti-Federalists*Anti-Federalist and Brutus 1 (Depth)Analysis of Brutus 1*Heimler’s Brutus 1*Heimlers Federalist 10*Federalist 10 – Part #1(Depth)Federalist 10 – Part #2 (Depth)Analysis of Federalist 10*
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QuickWrite Analysis:
Briefly summarize Participatory, Pluralist, and Elite Democracy. Offer your insight into the Khan Academy or other instructor’s analysis of the intentions and objectives of Federalist 10 and Brutus 1. This observation would not only included a compare and contrast of the specific documents, but the intent of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. (How do their arguments support their macro-objectives and ideologies)
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