This writing assignment #2 relates to materials that we have covered in the first 5 weeks of this course. It is a typical situation that you may find yourself in during future informal meetings and conversations with people “tapping your knowledge” to get advice on creating or running a business with international operations. 
Background Situation: You are at a family birthday celebration for your uncle who is celebrating his 60th birthday during the continuing Covid environment. It is a small gathering and your cousin Adam, a recent graduate of UCI with a degree in English, tells you about his new job working at a start-up men’s clothing company, which Mr. Smart is currently forming. Mr. Smart is experienced in selling retail clothing but has no international experience. Smart Clothes, the planned name for this business, has not yet decided on operating as a corporation, LLC, or other form of organization, and planning to have international operations. 
Adam asks you what you have learned so far in your International Business class that can make him look like a “star” at his new job. He says Smart Clothes is planning to be headquartered in California, with clothing manufactured in Vietnam, and sales offices throughout the U.S. and Canada and possibly other foreign locations.